Paitpooja g-11 markaz

I still wonder why did not I try @ before I got a hellish hyderabadi paratha and a perfect glass of meethi lassi, just like my mother does, as I had in my village as well Rs. 100 / –
Do not lie, I’ve never had that big glass of lassi in Rs. 100 / – here in Islamabad with a level and thickness of sugar balanced as it should be. I was not sure to order Hyderabadi Paratha, but the waiter said it was our best choice. Let’s try it. I do not know what made it “hyderabadi”: there was chicken, cheese, vegetables, not too fat with a perfect bright silver. It was for 280 / –
Then, I saw choori, and the good news is that it had the authentic taste, that it was done in a n shakar dei ghee which I still feel the taste when I saw this photo 10/10 (please keep the taste)
I also had a paratha pizza that was okayish. The filling was perfect, no improvement needed, it’s just that the minced chicken stuffing was a little bland. I had a better paratha pizza than this one. 7/10
Atmosphere: They try to show a desi atmosphere or we can say a village scene that I like and that also goes with their menu, but it had a strange smell. I do not know what it was, at the same time it was raining outside so I took my food and enjoyed it in the park right in front of him
Let me know if you have tried this place!
Food: 9/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Value of money: 10/10
Service: 9/10

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