Burger Route – Rayyan’s

My mission was to examine Rayyan’s decision on The Burger Route and, having lived almost all my life in the F-8, I had quite realistic expectations.

Once arrived and after receiving a menu card after 40 minutes of waiting, I wondered if I had nevertheless overestimated. I ordered a Hesper hamburger with fries and after another 15 minutes I had a pretty good hamburger in front of me and some fries. To the credit of Rayyans, they were solid french fries. So solid, in fact, that I was unable to bite them the first time. But hey, this is not the road of french fries, so I bit in the hamburger. After the first burn received by my palate, I discovered that at least the burger was pretty decent and that the chicken inside was hearty and tasty. Buns and cabbage salad? Not really.

All in all, aside from the vagaries, Rayyans has proven to be a relatively inexpensive but decent place on The Burger Road.

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