Mouthful Islamabad

If you want to enjoy the good atmosphere in Islamabad with good food, you have to try Mouthfu islamabadl.

It’s a new restaurant that opened just a week ago and I’ve visited it twice already! I especially enjoyed visiting it at lunch time as I was able to steal the panoramic view of the Margalla hills. The view is breathtaking, especially on cloudy days. .

The restaurant offers fusion cuisine and the quality of their cuisines is unquestionably good!

We ordered and tried dynamite shrimp and chicken wings to get started. Our main course was a Philly steak sandwich (the best I’ve had any time!), Beef steak (with an amazing sauce), tandoori burger and a piece of lamb (both are perfect).

For the desserts, we tried “happiness in a shot”, which gives the assent of a casserole of meetha and a chocolate cake without flour, made of dark chocolate and served with ice cream.

The place is highly recommended and I rate it 9/10. It is a must visit.

Added some pictures of our main course orders.


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