Cafe Rustic E-7

Small place (3 tables inside 4 + 4 + 2) ..2 outside 4 + 4

Short menu (this is what most restaurants need to do to master some of them rather than being taken by everyone)

Tomahawk steak (medium) 7/10 – should have been ordered right because it was rubbery. My mistake as a chef recommended a rare way

Burger with lamb – 8.5 / 10

Very tender and juicy and looked amazing

Chicken Roulade 8/10

It was nice. I only tasted one, but it was a little sweet and spicy. The amount seemed a little less for a complete meal and may not be liked by some. It did not affect us because we were filled with onion rings and sweet potatoes.

The drinks were all coke and sprite so that’s it.

Overall, a great experience considering the weather.

I will surely go back there.

Cost: 8200 (4 courses, 1 basket, 4 drinks)

The free tea was very good considering the hail hitting our car parked right in front of us.

The staff was amazing. And that is the reason why I will go again and recommend my colleagues and friends. They welcome almost every request we have made to customize our order. I think I met the owner also outside … great try to do something different.


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