Swiss Cafe, Phase 7 Bahria islamabad

We went early, so we were the only guests there. Beautiful light gray contemporary decor. Polite and attentive staff and prompt service. We are served within 20 minutes of our order. The pancake roll proved (disappointing) not like a pancake but rather like a tortilla wrap with a creamy chicken and vegetable filling. Quite pleasant in taste, but far from the hot pancake with hot garnish suggested by its menu nickname. Good portions (shareable) for bread and cake. We had to heat the cappuccinos because they were a little lukewarm and, like real desires, we prefer hot drinks! Once soaked in the microwave for a few seconds, the coffees tasted good. The fudge cake was definitely a thief of shows with a perfect balance of fondant icing and fluffy cake.


Service, presentation and atmosphere 10/10

Food based on what we ordered (7/10)


Good value for money. I would try again but definitely order a hot meal.

our order was

Cappuccino regular
Crepe Roll
Choc fudge cake slice

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