php soapclient use __soapCall with WSSecurityHeader

Today we learn how to call a soup function using __soapCall . We will also learn how to create security header for soapclient

First we need to initialise soapClient object with wsdl url

  $location_URL = "";
   $client = new SoapClient($location_URL);
$userid = "";
$password = "";

next we need to call _soapcall function with security header

$search_result = $client->__soapCall("soapsunction", $params, null, soapClientWSSecurityHeader($userid, $password));

here is soap security header generation

private function soapClientWSSecurityHeader($user, $password)
        // Creating date using yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ format
        $tm_created = gmdate('Y-m-d\TH:i:s\Z');
        $tm_expires = gmdate('Y-m-d\TH:i:s\Z', gmdate('U') + 180); //only necessary if using the timestamp element

        // Generating and encoding a random number
        $simple_nonce = mt_rand();
        $encoded_nonce = base64_encode($simple_nonce);

        // Compiling WSS string
        $passdigest = base64_encode(sha1($simple_nonce . $tm_created . $password, true));

        // Initializing namespaces
        $ns_wsse = '';
        $ns_wsu = '';
        $password_type = '';
        $encoding_type = '';

        // Creating WSS identification header using SimpleXML
        $root = new SimpleXMLElement('<root/>');

        $security = $root->addChild('wsse:Security', null, $ns_wsse);

        //the timestamp element is not required by all servers
        $timestamp = $security->addChild('wsu:Timestamp', null, $ns_wsu);
        $timestamp->addAttribute('wsu:Id', 'Timestamp-28');
        $timestamp->addChild('wsu:Created', $tm_created, $ns_wsu);
        $timestamp->addChild('wsu:Expires', $tm_expires, $ns_wsu);

        $usernameToken = $security->addChild('wsse:UsernameToken', null, $ns_wsse);
        $usernameToken->addChild('wsse:Username', $user, $ns_wsse);
        $usernameToken->addChild('wsse:Password', $password, $ns_wsse);
        $usernameToken->addChild('wsse:Nonce', $encoded_nonce, $ns_wsse)->addAttribute('EncodingType', $encoding_type);
        $usernameToken->addChild('wsu:Created', $tm_created, $ns_wsu);

        // Recovering XML value from that object
        $root->registerXPathNamespace('wsse', $ns_wsse);
        $full = $root->xpath('/root/wsse:Security');
        $auth = $full[0]->asXML();

        return new SoapHeader($ns_wsse, 'Security', new SoapVar($auth, XSD_ANYXML), true);


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